Home & Renters Insurance Policies in Richmond, VA

Whether you own your home, rent a home or apartment, own a condo, or rent your home out, we have multiple companies with excellent coverage plans. If you’re like most people, your home is your most valuable investment. How you protect it is up to you, and we can help. With a complete line of homeowner insurance products, Sanford Insurance is confident we have one that will meet your individual needs.

Types of Policies:

Homeowner’s Insurance

Our Homeowner’s Insurance for single-owner homes covers your home and other structures on your property for direct physical loss.

Additional Living Expense

Where would you live if your home burned? Your policy can include coverage for extra living costs while your home is repaired or replaced.

Liability Coverage

Your policy covers property damage and bodily injuries to others for which you or a family member are responsible. It covers the cost to defend you in court, and the cost of any court awards – up to your policy limit.

Medical Payments to Others

Your policy covers medical payments to non-household members who are accidentally injured on your property or by you or a family member.


We adjust your policy limits to keep pace with rising home costs associated with repairing or replacing your home in the event of a catastrophic loss.

Condominium Owner’s Insurance

Don’t find out the hard way that your condo association coverage falls short. It’s vital to have additional insurance to pick up where association coverage leaves off.

Loss Assessment Coverage

Protects you should your condominium association settle a legal judgment and ask you to pay your share.

Our condo owner’s insurance policy also includes additional coverage for:

Improvements: Whether built-in or freestanding — appliances, window treatments, cabinetry, etc. — the improvements you’ve made to your condo are covered.

Possessions: You’d expect us to cover your cash and securities, jewelry, watches, furs, boats, trailers, and so on. But we cover your guest’s property, too.

Liability: We provide coverage for personal liability and for medical payments to others.

Renter’s Insurance: Renters need insurance too. Fire, storm, and burglary — any one of these unfortunate facts of life could rob you of all you own with little or no warning. Your landlord’s insurance probably won’t help. It usually covers only his or her property, not yours. Protect yourself with a Renters Policy.

Renters need liability insurance. Protecting your possessions is only part of our solution. Our Renters Policy also covers personal liability. If you, family members living with you or even a pet cause personal injury or property damage, you’re covered, as well.

Ask about our Renter’s Policy today.

Our standard Renter’s Policy offers many extras. For example, it covers*:

  • Additional living costs, if fire or other damage forces you from your home
  • Jewelry, furs, and other possessions
  • Business property
  • Credit cards
  • Water damage

*Some limits may apply.

Rental Property Insurance

Protect your rental property with our Dwelling Fire-Plus, a policy that offers comprehensive rental property coverage at very affordable rates. Rental property is more at risk for accidents than single-family homes. Make sure you’re adequately protected. Ask your Agent about a Dwelling Fire Policy today. Our standard policy protects your primary dwelling. Optional coverages, available at an additional premium, include:

Other Structures:

  • Detached garages or carports, service structures, and other structures on the property are protected.
  • Personal Property Protection
  • Personal property — such as appliances kept at the rental location for tenants — is covered.
  • Loss of Rental Income
  • To protect the profitability of your rental property, Dwelling Fire-Plus pays for loss of rental income, up to a limit.

Optional Coverage

Purchase extra coverage for costs arising from fire or other damage to a rental unit:

  • Personal property of others
  • Tenants relocation expense
  • Fire department service charge (where applicable)
  • Liability for injury or damage to others