Increased Liability Insurance Coverage Focused on High Risk

This covers higher risks for personal lines and/or commercial coverage. Lawsuits are on the rise in frequency and severity, so don’t risk your assets – carry an umbrella policy.

In today’s litigious society, legal judgments can often amount to millions, reaching well beyond the liability coverage limits of most auto and homeowners policies. Now is the time to protect your assets by supplementing any existing liability coverage with our Personal Umbrella Policy. For a surprisingly low rate, you can increase your protection by $1,000,000 or more.

Our Personal Umbrella Policy can protect you if you are sued for:

Personal Injury: Includes shock, mental anguish, false arrest, wrongful entry or eviction, libel, slander, character defamation, invasion of privacy, etc.

Negligent Damage: Includes property you rent out or use.

Worldwide Coverage: Going wherever you go, your Personal Umbrella Policy is your passport to peace of mind.

Liability Loss: Covered under your auto, home or other personal insurance policies. Personal Umbrella coverage provides excess liability coverage that goes beyond the liability coverage provided by your auto, home and other personal insurance policies.